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Looking for a reliable and durable shooting target? These square targets are perfect for both pistol and long-range shooting (100-1200m).


The GOAST targets feature a self-sealing design that can withstand thousands of shots, ensuring that you get the most out of your target.


Plus, it's easy to install thanks to its versatile mounting options - simply use ropes, straps, bungee cords, or screws to attach it to trees, poles, stands, or other surfaces. With this robust and versatile target, you'll be able to hone your shooting skills and hit your targets with precision and confidence.


Designed to be used in combination with our GOAST Spray paint, this target provides a visual indicator of hits on the target.


We highly recommend using LED Flasher with this target for long-range shooting.

For those using .338, we suggest using 2x flashers to avoid false positives with near misses. 


The black side is specifically designed for zeroing and presicion shooting, and provides accurate hit indicators at 1.5x the caliber.


The yellow side is optimal for pistol or rifle shooting at longer distances, providing hit indicators of approximately 3-6cm depending on the caliber.

Square Targets

SKU: GT30x60CM
kr 3 145,00Price
VAT Included
  • Durability:

    minimum 4000 hits*

  • Thermal:


  • Weight:

    1.5 kg

  • Sizes:

    15x15cm / 30x30cm / 30x60cm


  • NSN:

    15x15cm: 6920 25 163 1409

    30x30cm: 6920 25 163 1410

    30x60cm: Not avalible at this time for this product

  • *

    Depends on ammunition type. Hollowpoints, Wadcuttters and expanding ammunition will reduce the lifespan of the target

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