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All inclusive shooting vacation

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

We are very excited to invite you to an all new Parallax shooting vacation, on the

4th to 8th of September

2nd to 6th of October

6th to 10th of November.

Maximum 12 participants in each event.

One of the shooting ranges

This is not a course! This is not a competition! This is not strictly prone shooting on a flat shooting range! This is an all inclusive shooting vacation event with access to shooting areas, at least 8 different shooting ranges, facilities and service beyond what you would expect and have probably seen before in this community. We will offer shooting at long ranges, mountain conditions, coastal conditions, shooting through valleys, incline shooting, dynamic rifle shooting and much more. Also for those who want, possibilities to rent a 4x4 vehicle to get access to driving experiences in overland and offroad conditions in beautiful scenery at Norway's south west coast. These vehicles will also take you to some shooting ranges not accessible for others. This year, we will also include the possibility to do some sea fishing from boats, and accommodation located close to the sea for an absolutely stunning experience and a high speed driving course with professional, high speed driving instructors for those who want to expand their skills further.

This is the first proper shooting vacation, all inclusive, day to day weapon experiences ever organized by us (or by any other, as far as we know..), and our highly experienced instructors will offer you the best possible service that Parallax has been known for for many years.

It would be our honour to see you at this all new shooting experience. Please write to us on for further details.

Price: 2600€ (basic event, 5 days, food, accomodation, shooting ranges etc incl.. Added cost for 4x4 driving, sea fishing and high speed driving course).

So, if you want to book an awesome experience, click here:

NB. Please read our regulations and guidelines before booking here:

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