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"After decades of running sniper courses, hauling heavy steel targets down range every morning, we wanted to find a solution that saves time, energy and space, but still delivers the wanted feedback when hitting the target. This gave birth to our G.O.A.S.T. Target System."

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Our G.O.A.S.T Target System is designed to be used at both short and long ranges with supersonic and subsonic ammunition. In conjunction with our LED Flashers and specialist paint, you will get instant visual feedback out to extreme long ranges and won't have to rely on trying to hear the impacts on steel.

G.O.A.S.T "Get Out And Shoot Targets"


Lightweight and manageable.

Our 30cm circular target weighs only 0.6kg.

Easy to rig one or several targets and easily transported in your vehicle without any damage or scratches. 



Can be set up in many different ways.

Don't need shackles and chains or heavy unmanageable stands.

Can be screwed or nailed to a pole, hung with straps, ropes or hooks, Or you can simply put it on the ground supported by a stone or a tree.


Intended to be used in conjunction with our specially developed spray paint and/or our LED Flasher.

When you hit the target, a round crackling occurs in the paint removing it from the surface and showing the colour of the target underneath.​

The targets sides have different characteristics.​

The yellow side gives 3-5 cm markings and is intended for longer distances or reduced visibility.​

The black side gives markings 1.5x the caliber of the projectile and is intended for shorter distances, and precision shooting. 



Passive thermal target.

No need for heat sources.

No need to angle to reflect radiation from the environment.

Hits visible for 10-15 seconds.

Very good capabilities indoors with no light available.

All in one target, no need for foil, paper, steel etc.


Can be used from zero meters and outwards with our G.O.A.S.T. target stand.

No ricochets, unlike other types of targets, unless using an air rifle as the pellets will not penetrate the target.

The targets are self-sealing and can withstand thousands of shots.

The lifespan of the targets will be slightly reduced by the use of hollow point and open tip ammunition, but all types of ammunition can be used (AP, Tracer, MP, Steel core etc).

G.O.A.S.T is developed from materials used in the off-shore industry, making the targets very durable and made for Nordic conditions.

GOAST can withstand salt water and can be used year-round under all conditions.

The material will retain its properties even if it is - 20 degrees, the target will not crack or break and remain flexible.

The targets are protected against UV radiation and will not fade in the sun. 

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15x15 cm target after stress test

300 shots with 9 mm and 60 shots with .223 / 5.56 caliber ammunition.

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