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Introducing the E-type Mover, a torso target perfect for military training and designed to be hung from a moving target system.


Our GOAST targets are self-healing and incredibly durable, ensuring a long-lasting investment for your team. With thermal capabilities, these targets offer a realistic and reliable training experience. Invest in the E-type for a top-quality target that will enhance your military training and skills.


 The yellow side of the target provides clear 3-4cm hit indications, making it ideal for long-range shooting or rifle and pistol shooting.


The black side of the target offers hit indications 1.5 times the size of the caliber, making it useful for zero drills and grouping.


This target is easy to mount and can be hung up with a variety of items, including zip-ties, rope, straps or nails.


It is made of high-quality materials and has a durable design, making it perfect for frequent use. When used with GOAST Paint, the target provides clear and visible impacts, enabling shooters to improve their shooting accuracy.


Additionally, the target can be used with our LedFlasher for immediate hit indication, making training more efficient.


Upgrade your training sessions with the E-Type target today.


For .338 shooting, we recommend having 2x LedFlashers, placed diagonally, to avoid getting false positives in case of near miss of the target





E-Type Mover

kr 4 770,00Price
VAT Included
  • Durability:

    Minimum 3500 hits *

  • Thermal:


  • Weight:

    2.5 kg

  • Size:


  • NSN:

    30x100cm: 6920 22 636 8352

  • *

    Depends on ammunition type. Hollowpoints, Wadcuttters and expanding ammunition will reduce the lifespan of the target

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