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The LED Flasher is a target indicator developed specifically for the GOAST target series. It is a product of our own research and development, designed to meet the specific needs of the longrange shooter.


The LED Flasher provides clear feedback on target hits, allowing for precise and effective training. It is a durable and reliable tool that will enhance the training experience for shooters and improve their marksmanship skills.


With its directive and highly visible LED´s, this device is capable of being seen from over 1200m away with 15x magnification. Even without the magnification, the LedFlasher can be seen with the naked eye from up to 800m away. 


Flashes with a red and green LED, so it can be seen in all enviroments, all year around in all conditions.


However, we do not recommend using the LED Flasher on targets smaller than 30cm. Our extensive testing has shown that when mounted correctly, the LED Flasher has a statisically lifespan of around  1000 hits on the target


Available in two variants with different blink intervals, 0.2 seconds for high-speed pistol and rifle shooting, and 2 seconds for long-range shooting.


Get your hands on the LED Target today and take your training to the next level.

LED Flasher

kr 695,00Price
VAT Included
  • Weight:


  • Battery:

    1x AAA (lasts 2-4 days depending on use)

  • Waterproof:

    Water ressistant

  • Flash time

    0.2 seconds or 2 seconds (Not adjustable)

  • Compatibility:

    Developed for GOAST target, will not work on other target types

  • Installation

    Mount the LED Flasher 10-15cm  from the top or bottom corner of the target, or at the neck of circular targets.

    The sensor area must be free of paint to ensure accurate readings.

    The LedFlasher should not be over-tightened during installation and only require the strength of two fingers to tighten. 

  • NSN:

    6920 25 163 1408

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